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Addiction recovery aims to do much more than remove drugs and alcohol from the system, it aims to help the individual make a complete recovery, and a lifestyle change that promotes healthy living.

Exercise therapy is used to create a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Having gym facilities present within our rehab centers allows individuals to be physically active and improve their mentality. We also offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs that plan physical exercise routines that are aided by our trainers. From participating in daily activities individuals will benefit from exercise, adequate appetite, boosted energy levels, and regular sleeping hours. Taking the step to exercise regularly is a big step towards sobriety.

Begging the steps of physical exercise may be a struggle at first, but most of the lack of motivation and dedication can be attributed to being addicted to a substance. During the removal of a substance though, one will have to face the mental factors and muster some fortitude in order to achieve. The easy route would be to stay slumped on a couch and just hope things go right, which frequently leads to depression or relapse. On the other hand, you can exhibit willpower and find what it takes to do even minor daily exercises, which leads to higher energy levels, and a better chance of success.

Once arriving at our facilities individuals are required to take a fitness evaluation. After the evaluation they receive a tour of the gym facilities and are introduced to the different equipment and trainers. Our trainers help customize individualized fitness programs for each individual based on the individual’s needs and capabilities. The plans include a schedule of their daily exercises and the intensity of the workouts.

As a less physically stressful option, Yoga therapy and breathing exercises are also taught at our facilities.

Yoga offers a calmer more peaceful release of energy and emotion, and has become a growing part of the recovery program. Through promoting self-discipline and inner peace, Yoga offers another coping mechanism to use when dealing with addiction.

Exercise has taken on a new and beneficial role when it comes to helping in the treatment of addiction. It keeps individuals occupied, preventing them from thinking about drugs or alcohol. It reduces idle time and elevates the individual’s mood. It increases the physical abilities of the body, and promotes greater mental strength. It also increases the individual’s feeling of self worth, and their self image. Experiencing all of these great effects from working out helps individuals to get sober, and remain sober for longer periods of time.

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