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At Sprout Health California we realize that nutrition plays a major role in recovering from addiction or a mental health disorder.

When trying to quit an addiction, the first place many turn to for aid is food. They spend their time eating junk food, sweets, and fatty foods, in order to take their mind off of the addiction. Unfortunately, this is the wrong route to take. Researchers have found that changing to healthier eating habits promotes faster recovery, and is much better for your body.

Most understand that removing an addiction is a tough battle to fight, and frequently people overlook the fact that eating poorly makes it worst. When introducing drugs and alcohol into the body, the individual is affecting the nutritional system and this frequently causes nutritional deficiencies. This is the reason why recovering addicts often experience issues with severe vomiting and bowel movements. Another major issue stimulants such as drugs and alcohol cause are, they curb the appetite of the individual, even furthering the nutrient deficiencies.

Our facilities are some of the few facilities that offer dietary programs and nutritional therapy because we know the significance nutrition plays in the healing process of the patient. It is simple to understand, eating a balanced and healthy diet will improve the physical and mental state of each individual. Teaching individuals how to build a proper diet, and exposing them to the positive effects they will feel, will change the perspective of any non-believer.

There are many aspects to creating a balanced and nutritional diet, that will help an individual improve on their journey to recovery. Our skilled professionals are experienced in this art, and are happy to help anyone in need.

Properly healing through nutrition-therapy

Having food consumption regulated by a professional has a drastic impact, because eating the proper food will give the body the energy to replace tissue and repair organs affected by the abuse of drugs and alcohol. When the body is well fed, and the system is at prime condition, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.

Proper nourishment also affects the ability to control one’s mood and emotions. Studies have shown the influences diet has had on mental health, and how it influences behavior. Consuming the proper amount of nutrient can also aid in boosting one’s spirit. Foods such as cheese, tofu, eggs, and nuts enhance mood, by helping the body produce Serotonin.

Creating a proper diet gives an individual higher energy levels, allowing them to more actively participate in their recovery. Many times, when individuals feel low energy levels, they find themselves wanting to relapse. One thing that should be avoided is, excessive amounts of sugar as well. It does elevate energy levels, but can serve the same as an addiction, and can also lead back to addiction.

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