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Mental Health Treatment Program

At Sprout Health Group, we understand the relationship between substance addiction and mental health issues.

Many families do not want to acknowledge when a family member is facing a psychiatric mental illness because of social stigmas. Due to this shame, the member facing the illness is unable to receive the proper treatment and health they deserve. Even though these services aim to help the person, and cure them of a mental illness, simply being diagnosed is still a taboo. Nevertheless, these services are still improving and are available to anyone facing these disorders.

State of Mental Health in the US

Astonishingly, health experts have concluded that one out of every two individuals has at least one diagnosable mental health issues throughout the course of their lifetime. According to a report released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly sixty percent of all the individuals dealing with serious mental health issues are able to seek the treatment that they need. The other forty percent opt to adapt behavioral issues that further their mental health issues and complicate the situation. These behaviors include self medicating and seeking the use of illicit substances, putting these individuals in a volatile mental and emotional situation.

At Sprout Health Group, we understand the relationship between substance addiction and mental health issues. Our team of experts is trained to accurately diagnose these issues, and to be aware, that one may mask the other. To offer the greatest chance of success in recovery, we help these struggling individuals to sort out their thoughts and deal with their emotions, as well as fight their addiction.

Recognizing Mental Health Issues

In order to properly diagnose those with a mental health issue, one must deeply understand the way the mind works, and how thoughts are manifested in behaviors. They must also understand that many mental conditions may overlap or intertwine with one another. This causes further issues in diagnosis because there are not always clear key markers or indications for certain mental illnesses. An example is the feeling of sadness, it is a natural reaction to experience when losing a loved one. However, when context is given to the situation, the circumstances and diagnosis may change. If the individual has been perpetually sad for the last five years, due to the loss of a loved one, then the individual qualifies to be diagnosed as depressed. Unfortunately, sadness is not the only indicator for depression. In this, properly diagnosing a mental health disorder is a rather complex process, requiring the understanding of symptoms and circumstances surrounding the individual. The process requires time to properly make sense of the situation and deliver the most benefit to the patient.

For many years our mental health experts our excellent capabilities, because in the Sprout Health Group, we care. We pride ourselves on our competence and our proficiency when it comes to diagnosis of mental health disorders. We utilize the best practices to diagnose mental disorders and are equipped to handle those suffering from anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), as well as schizophrenia. Those suffering from a mental disorder can trust that our licensed professionals will arrive at the most accurate diagnosis and be able to deliver the most accurate treatment for their disorders.

Better mental health begins with the decision to seek treatment and enroll in a dedicated treatment facility.

Attaining Mental Wellness the Sprout Way

Mental health conditions require a lengthy treatment process, in order to properly manage all of the symptoms. This is why people turn to us, the Sprout Health Group. We specialize in giving the mental health treatment and offer many forms of treatment such as intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, and residential treatment programs. All programs utilize cognitive behavioral therapies (cbt) specially tailored to the characteristics of each patient. These therapies are used to challenge maladaptive thoughts and remove their triggers to help the individuals exhibit constructive behaviors. The aim is to have the individual experience a healthier, more meaningful, life.

Along with individual treatments, there are group therapy sessions that help reinforce the lessons of the cognitive behavior therapy. Individuals will get a chance to see others maladaptive thoughts and have the opportunity to share the own. Thus, creating a support system, and a system for accountability, causing them to correct them to want to correct their own maladaptive thoughts. We also offer other therapeutic modalities such as yoga, relaxation exercises, and mindful meditation to help individuals cope with maladaptive thoughts.

Keeping the individual’s mind clear, will offer the best opportunity for care. Giving them multiple outlets to handle their mental issues, and relax are large factors in the success of treatment. Equipping them with multiple tools will also increase the likelihood of success outside of the treatment program as well.

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